Big or Small, Here are some ideas to Celebrate Babies 

(& those that Care for them) Week!

Event Ideas for Early Childhood Programs, IMH Chapters, and Individuals! 

Coffee & Connect

Get together with friends and colleagues for coffee, lunch or Happy Hour, and reflect on your initial "why" you chose to do this work.


Host a giveaway for an extended amount of time with items that help promote infant mental health. 

A Little Thank You

Bring a small treat (coffee, chocolate, etc.) to someone who cares for or serves babies, young children, and their families to say thank you for their dedication.  You can also make self-care baskets for friends, staff, colleagues, and clients/parents!

  Lunch and Learn (See video ideas under Resource Tab) 

    Host a film viewing and discussion (virtual or in-person)  OR  Host training and extend the invite to child care providers, foster care staff, court staff, WIC staff, parents groups, pediatricians, etc.

  Story Time

Engage with your local library or bookstore to highlight books about babies for the week.  Do live readings with librarians, authors, bookstore owners, community leaders. Try Facebook live or in person!

Social Action

Email, tweet, text, mail or visit your legislature and tell them about MI-AIMH and share an infographic. Share why they must prioritize babies, young children, and their families in their budgets.


Interview an elected official about how they support babies and families and share on social media.

Social Media Blast

Try Facebook Live events, such as: discussing an article on IMH or a specific product like MI-AIMH Baby Stages Wheels.


Try something self-care-focused, like yoga or guided meditation exercises.

                                    Focus on the Importance of Fatherhood

Share a video or other ways to highlight the importance of fathers